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Co.Ltd Cable Systems realizes complex supplies of cable products. Our company sells different sizes and footages of any cable mark. We have a long-term experience (more than 12 years) on the cable market. Customers who appreciate quality of our work are situated on the all territory of Russian Federation and near abroad.

Thanks to our established business relationship with cable producers we have an ability to buy wholesale parties of cable at the lower price than market one. Among our partners there are such producers as: Rybinskkabel , Electrocable in Kol'chugino town, the plant Concord , Irkutskkabel, Podolskkabel. So we can sell out cables at a competitive price in other regions. Also Co.Ltd Cable Systems has filial agencies in various regions of Russia and it helps us to arrange more flexible logistics system.

In our company you can buy:

  • Power cables (with PVC insulation, armored, with XLPE insulation, with rubber insulation, non-flam cables, halogen-free cables, cables as with copper conductors, so with aluminum ones)
  • Control cables
  • Marine cables
  • Universal cables
  • Communication cables (telephone, internet, tv)
  • cable boxes, etc.

Our central storage is located in Leningrad region in Priosersk (New Street,1). The storage consists of opened and closed areas. The summary square of the storage is approximately 10 000 m2. Co.Ltd Cable Systems keeps the most saleable cable marks in the central storage. There are handling equipment and unwinding equipment on the territory of the storage which helps to unwind and freight any cable footage.

Co.Ltd Cable Systems has its own transport so it delivers cable in St. Petersburg free of charge. Also we deliver goods to the transport companies for customers who are in other regions.

Co.Ltd Cable Systems tries to perfect business processes constantly. We pay attention to such processes as logistic, supply, marketing, sales. Our experience let us occupy a leading position in the cable market.

6 reasons why it is better to work with us:

  • free consultations on cable products
  • our managers give an offer on your request per hour
  • we have a lot of saleable cable marks in stock
  • low price
  • free delivery
  • discount on wholesale

if you have any questions or need consultation on cable products, please contact us by phone +7(812)309-72-55, mail to or feedback form.

6 причин выбрать нас для покупки кабеля

  • Счет всего за час
  • Кабель из наличия
  • Бесплатные консультации
  • Цены производителя
  • Бесплатная доставка
  • Скидка на опт

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